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The Plan for Stafford Borough was adopted in 2014 and represents the first part of the new Stafford Borough Local Plan covering the period 2011-2031. It identifies a need for 7,200 new homes within the town by 2031 and sets out ambitious strategic policies that will see significant levels of development in the County Town of Stafford in recognition of its status as a Growth Point.

The Plan for Stafford Borough identifies four Strategic Development Locations (SDL) which collectively are envisaged to deliver a substantial amount of housing required for the Borough, and Stafford Town in particular. The North of Stafford SDL is specifically identified in Policy Stafford 2 of the adopted plan for the delivery of 3,100 dwellings, 36 hectares of employment, education provision and local facilities.

Policy Stafford 2 of The Plan for Stafford Borough requires that any development within the North of Stafford SDL is consistent with a Masterplan for the whole area which will be agreed by the Council, prior to planning applications being submitted.

The Masterplan document builds upon previous work by Akzo Nobel UK Ltd and Maximus Strategic Land to promote the delivery of a comprehensive, sustainable mixed-use development on the land.

Public consultation on a draft Masterplan for the North of Stafford SDL was carried out by Akzo Nobel UK Ltd and Maximus Strategic Land in January 2013. Changes to the Masterplan have since been made in light of the comments received.

In accordance with Policy Stafford 2, the Masterplan document demonstrates the developments aims to deliver the following:

  • Approximately 3,100 new homes, including affordable housing, comprising of a mix of house types, tenures and sizes to respond to the identified needs of the community;
  • Approximately 36 hectares of employment;
  • Assisted living and extra care housing to meet the needs of older people;.
  • Two new primary schools, along with a new secondary school, which will act as an important community resource;
  • Three new local centres providing groups of shops, as well as other community services and facilities, including health care provision;
  • A Destination Park located in an accessible location in the heart of the development, as well as a range of children’s play and multi-use game areas; and
  • A flood storage area that will alleviate flooding downstream.


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